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What if I don’t exchange my mediation brief?

Some lawyers tell me, “I don’t want to exchange briefs,” but I think that’s generally a bad idea.  Why? Because if you don’t exchange yours, you won’t get the other side’s and you do want to know what their theories are, don’t you?  Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if their brief emphasized a theory of recovery […]

Enabling Discovery

FOCUS Column By Louise LaMothe Originally published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, April 1, 2008 Litigators have been practicing under the changed Federal Rules of Civil Procedure relating to electronically stored information in federal courts since December 2006. A body of federal case law has mushroomed, explaining how these new obligations affect litigants, and […]


Remote Location By Louise LaMothe Originally published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 10, 2008 (PDF) One of the advantages of arbitration is its flexibility. The parties can design their own process, which may contribute to a result that is better received by the clients. Importantly, the proceeding can be flexible for receiving evidence. […]

Top 50 Neutrals

Name: Louise LaMothe Affiliation: Independent, American Arbitration Association Rate: $395 per hour in Santa Barbara, $500 per hour outside Santa Barbara Location: Santa Barbara Areas: Mediation and arbitration of employment, entertainment, intellectual property and construction disputes Cases: In February, LaMothe arbitrated an employment dispute involving a national retailer in which an employee claimed she was […]

The Sedona Conference on Complex Litigation

Sedona Conference Complex Litigation (PDF) I . INTRODUCTION The settlement of complex disputes frequently can be advanced by the employment of an independent mediator. The skills of the mediator must go beyond the creativity of a good negotiator, shuttling offers and counter offers between two caucus rooms. The processing of the settlement of a complex […]

Rising Star

Daily Journal California Law Business By  Liz Valsamis In three short years, neutral Louise LaMothe has distinguished herself as someone with a comprehensive grasp on employment law, particularly on discrimination, disability issues. Navigating the muddy waters of employment law in California requires the skill of a neutral well-versed in new case law. Touting her knowledge […]

Different Worlds

Daily Journal Verdicts & Settlements ADR Profile By Leonard Novarro Plaintiffs’ attorneys often select neutral Louise A. LaMothe, despite her defense background. They said they wanted a businessman’s divorce. What they really wanted was someone to salve old wounds. In one of the first cases Louise A. LaMothe mediated, a breach of contract dispute between […]